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PXYiS Software Group is a buy-and-hold forever acquirer of mission critical vertical market software businesses.

Owners & Operators

Hear what business owners have to say about their experience with PYXiS and how we helped preserve their legacy.

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Learn about our acquisition guidelines to ensure that PYXiS Software Group is the best future home for your clients.

How Are We Different?
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We have a decentralized structure and do not seek to take over the day-to-day operations of our companies. We trust our leaders to know what’s best.
A Forever Home

Buy and Hold Forever

We're proud to say we have never sold a business. This is our software for life promise – selling to PYXiS means you have found a permanent home.
Culture of Best Practices

Culture of Best Practices

Learning and sharing are at the core of the PYXiS culture. Gain access to a global network of peer companies and like-minded leaders with similar obstacles and opportunities.

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“I felt that Jonas had the expertise to take EZFacility to the next level and liked the decentralized model. I couldn’t be happier with the way the acquisition worked out, not just for me personally but for the business.”
EZFacility Logo
Eric Willin
Co-founder - EZFacility

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