Life at PYXiS Software Group

Being a part of PYXiS provides the opportunity to make a big impact for your tech company while also getting the perks, benefits, and security of working for a large corporation. It's the best of both worlds.

Our Culture

At PYXiS Software Group, we’re all about maximizing potential. Our goal is to empower our employees with opportunities to grow and feel motivated by seeing their direct impact to the collective goal. We empower our employees by integrating them into the PYXiS Playbook and providing them with an upwardly mobile career path.

career development

Career Development

Individual advancement is at the core of PYXiS and is essential to our growth. We hold regular learning events, where colleagues from across the group share their expertise and experience to support the development of our team.
create an impact

Create An Impact

At PYXiS Software Group, every employee plays a key role in driving the business forward. As part of a rapidly growing team, you will see the real impact you create within your team and your contribution to our collective goals.
employee wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

In today's demanding world, supporting our people to ensure their wellbeing, both in life and at work, is a critical focus for the group. We are committed to enhancing and safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all employees.
"The Jonas model has allowed us to keep our family-feel company culture while providing a stable, supportive business environment with ample opportunities for mentor and peer collaboration. Our employees have benefited from improved long-term benefit options, more opportunities to grow in their current role, and new opportunities to grow within the larger company."
Alicyn Harkness
CCO - ProviderSoft

Our Values

Say It, Own It, Do It

We support and empower every member of the team to own their commitments and deliver on their ambitions.

Be The Change You Seek

We embrace innovation and proactively look for change rather than wait to react to circumstance.

Add Value Every Day

We constantly focus on building long term value for our customers, investors, and the team, to create future opportunities for everyone.

Keep Asking 'Dumb' Questions

We promote curiosity and experimentation and are passionate about personal development, improvement, and innovation.

Empathize, Listen & Understand

We listen carefully to diverse views and ideas to capture the opportunity to learn from everyone.

Support Others First

We understand that every member of our team plays a vital role, and we can only achieve amazing outcomes when we combine our superpowers.

Photos from our latest PYXiS Summit

PYXiS Software Group Summit - Presentation 1
PYXiS Software Group Summit - Bingo
PYXiS Software Group Summit - Presentation 2
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 1
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 2
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 3
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 4
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 5
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 6
PYXiS Software Group Summit - On the beach 7
PYXiS Software Group Summit - at the bar
PYXiS Software Group Summit

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