Guide With Confidence

PYXiS Software Group has the certainty of seeing a deal through, backed by the strong financial position of our parent company, Constellation Software (TSX: CSU), while also providing long-term, sustainable growth for your clients and their legacy.

Your Trusted Partners

PYXiS has a full in-house M&A team to close deals both quickly and efficiently. We have an exceptionally high close rate, accommodate diverse deal structures (including cash offers), and maintain an open and honest dialogue. As your trusted partners, working with PYXiS  creates an acquisition journey for you and your clients that is efficient, transparent, and fair.

Why Choose PYXiS?

An Efficient Deal Process

PYXiS can complete transactions within 90 days. Using our own funding, in-house legal and diligence resources and a process refined over hundreds of acquisitions, ensures we can minimize time to close compared to other less-experienced acquirers.

Experienced & Dependable Acquirers

M&A advisors choose to work with PYXiS because of our reliable track record. Our group has successfully completed over 800 acquisitions since 1995 and always seeks a positive outcome for all parties. Work with us and ensure the best future for your client.

Drive Growth Through Our Ecosystem

Whether you represent a founder-owner or software conglomerate, PYXiS has the flexibility to structure a deal to best suit the motivation and goals of your client. Working with PYXiS, means that you get a deal team that always keeps looking for the win-win.
Our Values - Respect

A Safe, Secure Future for Your Client

When your client joins PYXiS, they are looked after forever. We will never sell a business. Instead, we invest in their long-term success by providing capital, expertise, and autonomy. Your client can rest assured that their legacy will remain intact for the long term.

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