Realize Your Dreams

PYXiS works with founders to carry out their vision and determine next steps to ensure the business sees long-term, sustainable success.

What's in it for you?

You care deeply about your company, and so do we. We work with founders to carry out their business vision and determine the right next steps to ensure the business sees long-term, sustainable success. Preserve the legacy of what you have built by entrusting it with a company that has never sold a business we’ve acquired... and we never will!

autonomy and perpetuity

Autonomy and Perpetuity

As a buy and hold forever acquirer, PYXiS is your permanent partner and makes long-term investments into your business for sustained growth. We empower businesses to operate autonomously, ensuring they continue to operate with the same team, culture, and business name that you and your stakeholders know and respect.

A Network of Experts

Post-acquisition, you’ll enjoy access to a wealth of best practices, like-minded peers, and financial support. The PYXiS Playbook is a guide to acquiring, strengthening, and growing vertical market software businesses. These best practices are gathered from real-life learnings from every business that has joined PYXiS, and from real-life experience watching them strengthen and grow.

A Bright Future For Employees

At PYXiS, we have long realized that the greatest asset of every software business is the team. Post-acquisition, we provide employees with a fantastic working environment, opportunities to develop their talent, and an enriching career. We know this will translate into world-class service to your valued customers.

Achieve Your Professional Goals

If your desire is to remain with the business and continue to lead, we will work with you to realize your personal and professional goals. If you are looking for upward mobility and new career opportunities, many of our business leaders have taken on exciting new roles and responsibilities across our organization.
Our Values - Growth

Drive Growth Through Our Ecosystem

The PYXiS ecosystem is constantly evolving. Whether you’re looking to monetize payments, access new markets, or tap into sales and marketing expertise, we have a variety of specialized resources to get you started. PYXiS also provides access to a global ecosystem of tax, currency and payroll services.

Rapid All Cash Transactions

PYXiS is a cash acquirer using internal funding sources. We can close quickly as we have in-house legal, HR, finance, IT and data security due-diligence experts dedicated to PYXiS transactions.

Don’t just take our word for it

One of PYXiS Software Group’s key success factors is autonomy and decentralization. Since selling my software company to PYXiS in 2012, I’ve continued to run my business independently while being able to tap into the knowledge and best practices from other PYXiS companies.
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Eric Rennagel
Founder & CEO - My Media Box
Eric Rennagel
I can honestly say that our company’s transition from private ownership to the PYXiS Family has been a truly positive experience for all, and knowing what I know now, after this past year, I would certainly make the same choice again.
Alicyn Harkness
CCO - ProviderSoft
Alicyn Harkness
As a founder going into the acquisition, it was critical that we found the right partner to allow us to continue to do what we do and grow our staff. I’ve heard a lot of acquisition stories, and not many turn out like this one where we didn’t lose a single staff member. We’ve just continued to grow. It’s been pretty phenomenal!
Innosoft Fusion
Jeff Berg
Co-Founder, CTO - Innosoft
Jeff Berg
Being part of a much larger organization gives our customers and employees resources that were previously not available to them. The benefits are tremendous and give Frontline the capabilities to improve all aspects of our day-to-day operation as well as expanding our product line. I am certain that our customers, employees and prospects will benefit immensely.
Todd Browning
President - Frontline Solutions
Todd Browning

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