PYXiS Software Group Acquires ProviderSoft LLC

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November 22, 2019
PYXiS Software Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of ProviderSoft, software for Early Intervention and Behavioral Service Agencies

Markham, Ontario, November 22, 2019 – PYXiS Software Group (“PYXiS”), a division of Jonas Software, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ProviderSoft LLC. Headquartered in Lumberton, New Jersey, ProviderSoft products deliver critical tools to manage operations of Early Intervention, Preschool (CPSE), and Behavioural Service agency operations.

Arthur Morris, Group CEO, said “The acquisition of ProviderSoft was a tremendous opportunity to enter the childhood development vertical, which straddles healthcare and education.  With changes in regulatory requirements and increasing reliance on electronic medical records across all sectors of healthcare, ProviderSoft is well-positioned for significant growth.  We plan to be there every step of the way to support the ProviderSoft team as we grow and deepen our presence within the vertical”.

ProviderSoft was founded by Mark Shaw who initially ran an agency providing Early Intervention Services.  After successfully exiting that business, he realized that there was limited commercially available software to help manage these agencies and set out to develop his own.  Under Mark’s ownership in partnership with Miles Technologies, and the operational control of Co-CEOs Tony Quarella and Alicyn Harkness, they have grown both the product and the company to support agencies throughout the United States.  Mark Shaw had this to say, “PYXiS provides the team at ProviderSoft the means and stability to develop the product whilst expanding the business to new customers and new geographies.  Tony, Alicyn, and the rest of the team are really looking forward to working with the professionals at PYXiS to reach new horizons.”

About ProviderSoft LLC

ProviderSoft is a New Jersey-based company with over 10 years of experience serving childhood development agencies and providers across the United States by helping them operate efficiently and effectively. ProviderSoft’s comprehensive core system allows users to monitor all aspects of their business ensuring regulatory compliance, securely maintaining patient data, ensuring proper billing/reimbursements, and optimizing provider utilization.  ProviderSoft delivers its products in a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, requiring minimal technology infrastructure for the agency while allowing individual providers to interact with systems in a geographically flexible manner, in family homes, at schools, or wherever their work needs dictate.  

About PYXiS Software Group

PYXiS Software Group, a division of Jonas Software, is a buy-and-hold forever acquirer of vertical market software businesses. PYXiS operates independently managed software brands around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets.

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